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Summer Independent Studies

Summer is a great time for fun and games, but also a great time to receive collge credit. We developed this program 3 years ago while working with local high schools. We are in our third year and have added five new independent studies to the mix!

This program allows Junior and Senior students to have the opportunity to participate in independent study programs at our community center where they can receive up to 4 credits for each study they participate in. Students can take up to two programs during a 5 week period and can receive a maximum of 8 credits. Most students choose to take this study so that they can go to college with some credits or even a semester already completed.

Our independent study programs are 5 weeks per study and cost $50-$80 per credit. Financial aid is available for students who apply. Please see Lynn Dodson. Some books and supplies will be provided by the program, but students will be required to have all materials when they meet with their advisor on a regular basis.

Sign-ups for next session begins in two weeks. Classes fill up fast, so please make sure to plan accordingly. Please see Dan Fisher for scheduling your independent study classes.

Some classes have two parts over ten weeks. It is recommended that students take them consecutively. All classes are advised by certified teachers and professors who are on the W.B. Goodwin Community Center Leadership Team.

Here are the classes we offer currently as of 2012:

  • *Environmental Science
  • Prehistoric Life (GEOL 159)
  • English 103-Part 1
  • English 104-Part 2
  • Accounting Part 1
  • Accounting Part 2
  • *Small Business Management
  • Programming
  • *Web Design Part 1
  • *Web Design Part 2
  • *Graphic Design

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dan Fisher, or one of the advisors who participate in this program.

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