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Senior Center

Senior citizens have spent their entire lives working and raising families and in the golden years they deserve to go to a place where they can relax, have fun, interact with others, get exercise or learn about a new topic. And, if they want to share their experience with a younger audience they should have the opportunity to pass this knowledge to others. Seniors have these chances and much more at the Senior Center of the W.B. Goodwin Community Center.

Keeping young can be a challenge, however, through exercising the body and the mind, the senior members of the community center will most certainly always be young at heart. The center has many opportunities for senior citizens to mingle with other senior citizens through social events and other programs throughout the year.

Here is just a sample of the programs that we offer our senior citizen members:

  • Senior Health and Wellness – During the week we offer a number of health and wellness programs ranging from yoga classes to walking for fitness. We also have a number of classes on nutrition, proper diet and other topics of interest to senior citizens.
  • Activities – Looking for activities for keeping healthy or just for social benefits? The center offers a range of programs such as weekly bingo, Tai Chi classes, Yoga, Zumba and we even offer beginning guitar lessons.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – The center is truly a community center with our ties to our community. Seniors have an opportunity to assist with our Meals on the Go program for shut-ins, our food pantry and other programs.
  • Computers for Seniors – Computers are not just for your kids and Grandchildren. We offer a number of seminars of topics such as Internet safety, fraud prevention, introduction to social media and much more. Through these programs we will introduce you to the new online world.
  • Senior Peer Leadership – We find that senior citizens have a wealth of information and knowledge to share with others. Our ground-breaking Senior Peer Leadership program pairs a senior with high school students. The students have the opportunity to learn from the seniors and senior citizens can learn from the students.

Throughout the year we will be offering many more programs for senior citizens. To keep up to date, visit our website at or contact us at

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