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Youth Zone

The youth of our community is one of the most important parts of the work we do at the Goodwin Community Center. It is so important, that it is the cornerstone of our Mission Statement.

At Goodwin we offer a number of ways to provide a safe place where kids of all ages can go, have fun and mix with other children. To help our children, the community center offers a number of programs, with more offered every week, to serve the children of our community. Here is just a small sample of our programs:

Afterschool Program – The community center has a great program for kids where they can go, do their homework, play with other children or just relax. The program is for kids from 5 to 12 years of age.

Learn to Swim/Water Safety – Starting at age 3 with our “Dolphin program”, the Goodwin Community Center has a number of swimming programs to help kids of all ages learn to swim and how to be safe and responsible around the water.

Homework Helpers – Sometimes kids need help with their homework or with a subject that they are having problems with. The tutors and volunteers of our Homework Helper program will work with kids free of charge to help with their education.

Kids Home Safety – Throughout the year, the Goodwin Community Center will offer seminars and programs on home safety for kids and parents. We will be discussing topics such as childproofing homes, kitchen safety, overall home safety and more.

Computer Basics and Safety – The Internet is a great place for kids to learn about new topics and areas. However, it is also an area of potential danger. Our programs on Internet safety, Cyberbullying prevention, social media dos and don’ts, keyboarding basics and more.

Bicycle Safety Program – With our bike safety program, kids will learn about the rules of the road, safe bicycling and other important factors in keeping them safe.

For the latest information on the many youth programs we offer, check our website regularly at or email us at

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